Our Services

Boost Your Capacity

  • Have vacant units stuck in the pipeline waiting to be made ready?
  • Need a reliable backup for HVAC outages but at affordable rates?
  • Need Maintenance coverage when your site staff is away or slammed?
  • Have a down unit but need a reliable contractor that won’t flake out on you?

We can help when you need a hand…

  • We exist to be an extension of an apartment building’s on-site team whenever and however needed: maintenance, HVAC, and full or partial rehabs.
  • Apartments are all we service, so we know how to get the job done your way.
  • We’re unique because we understand how smart decisions impact property budgets, NOI, when to repair vs replace…and know the impact of vacancy loss, resident retention and online reviews.
  • Our rates are affordable; our bids are smart, based on knowing how apartment properties work and run on a day to day basis.

Shoot us an email at info@greenrocketservices.com to get started!

Worker fixing an HVAC unit


We serve as your reliable backup for interior and exterior HVAC service and installs, but at affordable rates designed specifically for multi-family units.

Worker fixing a fence

Full or Partial Rehabs

From a property-wide rehab to a minor upgrade on a single unit, enhance the value and beauty of your property with the help of our trusted and experienced Construction Services team.

Worker fixing a sink


Call the team that delivers when your on-site maintenance team gets buried, or when you need an easy and reliable backup option.